Wood Ramp with Garages

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Wood Ramp with Garages

Discover the ultimate kids' toy for Hot Wheels and Monster Trucks enthusiasts! Introducing our custom-built laser cut wooden ramp featuring an exhilarating jumping section. With 13-14 spacious garage spots, this versatile ramp caters to both Hot Wheels and larger cars, providing endless thrills for your little ones. Embark on a memorable DIY adventure with our kit, designed for you and your kids to build together. Experience the joy of creating, teaching, and building cherished memories as you construct this exciting toy. Please note that wood glue is not included. Short on time? No worries! Opt for our pre-built kit, and have the ramp ready upon delivery. Ramp Dimensions: Length 21 5/8”, Width 3 3/4”, Height 11”. Elevate your child's playtime with the perfect blend of creativity and excitement – order yours now!

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